I Love reading,Writing,Photoshoot,Photo Editing. I also love singing and dancing. I just love to love people :) hahaha :D I want to be a photographer soon and to be a fashion designer i also want to be a model but i just dont know if i will be qualified because of my height haha but if there's a opportunity WHY NOT ???

By the way I am also Christ follower I am being Train in a G12 Church at JCSGO (Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach) For now i am  at the SCHOOL OF LEADERS for short S.O.L. level. Im so much happy because Ive been in this church they train me to be a good leader, and i know thats my calling :)

As I have said, i edit photos, I just train my self,and i just watch youtube on how to edit and add effects. and if you want to see my latest edited photo just click Here and please do like my page :)

I am not a good counselor but you can ask for a advice for me :) im good at making decision. I just love to have a friends and of course much better if a good friend :)

I love fashion so much! but dont have any resources of those latest hot fashion, but to make my self looking good to the people i just do some recycle at my dresses and i add accessories to make look pretty and it really works :)

My last words for my Readers (You) , No matter how you look, No matter how people treat you, just stay to be a positive person, I have been experiencing of bully but i never give up. I just shake and stand that opposition that fall like a sand on me, and look I am who i am now. I f  You have been on problem that you think you cannot solve well my friend there's not such a problem like that b'cos far as i read the dictionary a Problem is a situation thats need a solution :)) haha just Kidding. But I tell you every problem has a solution and the solution is,,, The smile that you cant paint at your face. No matter how deep your problem is, one smile can solve that problem. Never Lose hope! Because nothing is impossible with God, Our God is bigger that our problem,. as what the bible said small faith can move the big mountain just trust the Lord and everything will be alright :) You can do it!!

If you want to know me more you can leave a comment below :) I hope you enjoy my blog!